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Meditation CD

Meditation CD


A Christian guided imagery CD to free you from anxiety and worry!


His truths spoken to you during a guided meditation, bringing you His peace any time of day! To know the abundant life God desires we enjoy. To free us from invisible prisons created by lies in our belief system. To replace the lies with God's truths using continual reminders.



Do you remember that I have said - My ways are not your ways? Dont be shaken during the storms of life… for I am there with you… I am your shelter… your refuge... I am your help in times of trouble… If you keep your eyes on Me, you will rise above the waves.


But feelings are not truths. They have no power over you except for the power you surrender to them. And feelings can block my truths… Just as the dark moon blocks the light of the sun during an eclipse… you are no longer able to see the light of my truths as dark shadows of anxious feelings drift across your mind.

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