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Caring for the invisible part of you... your soul... is easy to overlook and even ignore. Gentle Soul Reminders can be sent right to your inbox or phone every day, like vitamins for your soul!  


As you feed your soul truths, lies begin to fade away. When thoughts are rooted in truth, your feelings align and are more comfortable.  Truthful thoughts and manageable feelings lead to healthier choices and contentment.


Refuse to worry, Stay in today, and others on this page are abbreviated and just a hint of the helpful truths that will arrive on your phone or in your email twice a day after subscribing.  


As you feed your soul daily truths, you enjoy more peace! You'll find it easier to manage emotions and respond to situations that used to be difficult to handle.


Know someone who is struggling?  Give the gift of encouragement - Gentle Soul Reminders - a gift that truly continues to give!


(Note: It will automatically renew until you unsubscribe.)


Stay in today

"forgiveness is a choice ~

         not a feeling"

"Let God handle it"

 ~ Inhale peace                 ~ Exhale worry

"feelings aren't truths"

"refuse to worry"

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     Different reminders twice daily        ~          About .30 cents a day!
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