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                                Thank you for visiting!

      My name is Lynn.  I'm a licensed Social Worker, a therapist           for almost 30 years. I've learned that often the root cause of                    all our distress is hidden in our belief system.


~  Growing up, our "truths" depend on our experiences.

    Those truths become part of our belief system. But - much of what we decide is true, is not true at all!  When we're hurting and vulnerable, satan plants lies in our belief system. It's his secret weapon...he knows they're there, but we do not!

  * Thoughts emerge from our belief system - feelings follow. *


~  Choices result from thoughts and feelings.  

    With a belief system full of lies, we can make choices that lead to unhappy situations...we often blame God. But it's because we are unaware of what lies we hold as truth in our belief system. 


~  Reminders of truths dilute thoughts that come from lies.         In time, truthful thoughts become more prevalent, as lies diminish. A sense of peace is noticed! It's life changing!  

* We're able to understand God's Word and Walk in His ways! *             

~  We are set free from the invisible prisons our lies create:     insecurity,  approval seeking,  fear,  anger,  pervasive distress                                  general unhappiness and others. 


                            My granddaughter, Deanna                                         is an artist and preparing for her degree in Social Work.      She began writing reminders on votives, glass bottles, wooden blocks and other items to have gentle soul reminders nearby in your home or office.  

              ** The truth will set you free! **  (John 8:32)                     

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